New Essay Posted

I have just posted another essay. I wrote it for my United States in World War II course. If you would like to read it, you can either go under the Essay tab or click the link below. The paper focuses on the Pacific Theater of Operations and three articles which my class was required to read, in addition to several historical documents. This was the finial product.

Analysis of the War Against Japan: What was Needed and What was Done


Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Reading Project

Alright everyone, I have finally put everything together online to announce the beginning of my first major project. As many of you know, I am about to graduate with a degree in Psychology and History. Because of this, I came across Dr. Jordan B. Peterson who is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Once I began watching his lectures online I became hooked, and have watched almost every YouTube clip I possibly find. I also, downloaded his book. A few months ago, I went to his website and found out that he had built a list of books which he promotes as some of the most important texts from which people can learn about western culture. (more…)

My Thoughts On the Las Vegas Massacre

Today I have been watching the news and keeping up to date on the concert shootings in Las Vegas. I, as always, have also been keeping an eye on the news stories and reactions of people on various social media platforms. The reactions to this horrible event, from what I have seen, have already started to become a political battlefield. In other words, the focus which started out on the people and victims of this attack has in less than 48 hours pivoted to an ideological argument. I do my best to maintain a news feed within my social media accounts which is politically central, so that I can be informed of the arguments and more importantly the political narratives which are being spun on both sides of the political sphere. What I have seen today by the political left is simply callous; however, it was an entirely predicable response. (more…)

Another Day:

Today I am in classes all day. I am taking a 19th and 20th Century Culture class and Political & Social Philosophy. Once I get to leave classes, I then go home to read a ton and start on yet another paper on Colonial South America and the U.S.’s / Spanish interventionist policies. Writing papers have become my life, easily putting out 20 pages a week. In 22 weeks I will be graduating and I have no idea what I will do after that. I guess I should figure something out sooner or later, but for now I must focus on today and this weeks assignments. Back to class…..