Below are essays that I have either written for the purpose of school assignments or my own studies.

  1. A Critique of the Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II
  2. Catholicism: The Origin of Scientific Discovery & The Enlightenment
  3. An Analysis of Franklin D. Roosevelt & Allied Diplomacy for War & Peace
  4. Socratic Censorship by the State Explained
  5. An Analysis of the War Against Germany: What Was Needed and What Was Done
  6. Analysis of the War Against Japan: What was Needed and What was Done 
  7. A Essay: Luther’s View of The Relationship Between The Kingdom of God & Kingdom of Man
  8. A Short Essay: The Elencitic Method of Examination
  9. An Analysis of Creating a Global Allied Strategy
  10. Analysis of the United States and the First World War by Jennifer D. Keene
  11. Analysis of the Impact of Intervention: Epilogue
  12. Imperial Surge Essay Analysis Part 2
  13. Carl Marx’s Communism in Comparison to Idealized Capitalism
  14. What Should You Strive for From Your Undergraduate Education?
  15. Edward’s Truth: A Short Narrative